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» Accounting, controlling, finance
» Management
» Secretarial work, assistantship
High school
01.2012 - 12.2012
Management Development Programme
Gordon Institute of Business Science
Help managers better understand the current and future global economic and social environment with a special emphasis on the new economy; Develop leadership and management skills for non-traditional approaches to the role of the manager in organisations; Help managers to accelerate the rate of change in their organisations; Give a clear understanding of the current and emerging methods for evaluating organisational performance; Change perceptions of how organisations develop and deliver their products and services; Build management effectiveness in the operational management of organisations operating in the new economy; Better equip managers to work with and through their people as individuals and teams; Understand how to optimise their use of information and knowledge to sustain competitive advantage; and Enable managers to unlock their creativity in the process of bringing about change in organisations, teams and individuals.
01.1996 - 12.2002
Certificate in Banking
Banking; Banking Law; Communication; Business Accounting; Introduction to Economics
01.2002 - 12.2003
Credit Dimploma
Financial Concepts; Business Accounting & Taxation
01.2004 - 12.2008
Advanced Credit Diploma: Property Finance Diploma
Property Finance; Property Finance Law; Valuations & Economics; Funding & Risk Management
Professional experience
More than 10 years
» Banking, insurance, finance
» Call centers, hotlines
» Government services
» Research and development
» Secretarial work
Management; Leadership; Organizational; Planning; Project Management; Conflict Management; Time Management; Stress Management; Coaching; Performance Management; Communication;
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in 1 month
Western Cape
Place of residence : Cape Town
Permanent contract

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Profile n°00047538
  • Work experience: No experience
  • Industries: Airport and shipping services - Banking, insurance, finance - Government services - Hotel business, catering - Motor, transportation equipment, reparation
  • Education:
    02.2016 - 12.2019
    University of Western Cape
  • Languages: Afrikaans (intermediate) & English (fluent)
  • Skills:

    Time management
    Customer service
    Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
    Setting up hard ware devices
    Ability to perform CPR

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  • Industries: Banking, insurance, finance
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    09.2017 - 10.2018
    Business Management
    Harvard Business School Publishing
    01.2008 - 01.2010
    Master of Business Administration
    University of Leicester, UK
  • Languages: English (fluent)
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    I am a team leader, team player, good communicator, self motivated, able to work under pressure, deliver results within timelines, team coach, adopt work ethics, have problem...

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  • Work experience: More than 10 years
  • Industries: Banking, insurance, finance
  • Education:
    10.1997 - 12.2002
    BSc. Agricultural Economics
  • Languages: English (fluent)
  • Skills:

    Management, Finance and Banking.

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  • Industries: Banking, insurance, financeChemistry, petrochemistry, raw materialsConsumer goodsGovernment servicesQuality, methods
  • Education:
    01.2000 - 01.2001
    North-West University
    01.2000 - 12.2000
    North-West University
  • Languages: Afrikaans (native) & English (native)
  • Skills:

    Strategic Planning & Forecasting, Mentoring & Ability to motivate a workforce, Financial Management, Communication & Negotiation, Operational Management, Performance Management ...