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Company :PBC GROUP
City :Gauteng
Country :
South Africa
Industries :
Marketing, communication, media
Call centers, hotlines
Website :
Company Description

We want to provide management consulting as a solution to our client. The client might need assistance in facilitating a change in their business, the process change in their operation, the outsourced human resource management service in managing their people, or a project which needs management and control.

We even provide skill and expertise in situations where our client finds there is a gap in role or capacity.

We want to perform online digital tasks which the client does not feel confident doing on their own. We want to do this so that web hosting, website and social media management is a holistic and quality offering rather than a restriction to the client’s business growth.

We want to provide the training necessary for our client so that they can begin to rely on their own in-house resources to get things done. This is often important as the business grows.